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novembre 30, 2022

DoubleVerify’s privacy-safe pre-bid solutions now available to Hawk users

Ecrit par Lucie Marand

We’re pleased to announce  the launch of DoubleVerify Custom Contextual on Hawk.


DoubleVerify‘s MRC-accredited Custom Contextual provides advertisers a scalable solution to reach audiences, in contextually relevant environments, at the right time – driving outcomes for brands.

It allows advertisers to build bespoke contextual segments using in-market categories, seasonal categories, IAB categories, customized dynamic categories that fulfill specific brand requirements and advanced controls.


Key benefits include:

  • Achieve high contextual relevance with the most granular content classification through DV Semantic Science.
  • Maximize reach or prioritize precision using a comprehensive list of controls and categories.
  • Improve your operational efficiency by easily managing and activating a single profile across multiple DSPs.
  • Leverage a privacy-safe approach that doesn’t rely on third-party cookies or PII.


To learn more, you can download DoubleVerify’s contextual guide here.

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