August 16, 2022

Hawk Meet & Greet: Meet Noémie Sallé, Human Resources Manager

Written by Lucie Marand

Hawk Meet & Greet is a series of interviews that immerse you in the dynamic daily life of the company’s employees. Each month, discover a new person through a unique and immersive testimony. Meet Noémie Sallé, Human Resources Manager at Hawk.

Can you quickly introduce yourself?

My name is Noémie, I have been Human Resources Manager at Hawk for almost 2 years now. I worked for 8 years in the legal world – in a law firm – where I was a legal information officer and then a legal director. Among my tasks, I managed human resources. When I left this environment, I turned to the business world, focusing on this HR scope.

What exactly is your position and role at Hawk?

I have a 360 degree HR job. It is a very broad and diversified job, which is what makes it so interesting. To try to summarize, I manage human resources for France, Germany and the UK. This includes personnel administration, payroll, staff representative bodies, relations with the various organizations, career and training management, interviews, HR development, etc. There is also a whole ’social legal‘ aspect, declarations and HR strategy. My objective is to support Hawk’s development as well as the managers as a business partner in all HR matters. I am also part of the CSR team [Corporate Social Responsibility] which works on quality of life at work, among other things.

I am fortunate to have been joined by Nadia, who is in charge of recruitment and employer brand development, and by Joyce who is an apprentice.

What did you appreciate the most when you joined the adventure?

The team spirit and the benevolence. I was very well welcomed by the different teams, people naturally come to talk to each other and are always quick to lend a hand. There is also a real sense of benevolence on the part of the managers. It is not given to everyone to find such a working environment.

What do your days consist of and what are your daily challenges?

There is no typical day. Every day there are requests from employees to deal with and many projects to carry out. That’s what makes this job so interesting, the diversity of the job and also the daily interaction, the human side, which is the heart of our job. The challenge is to be able to provide the necessary information, to anticipate changes and to provide the best possible support to each person so that they can develop and evolve within Hawk.

In your opinion, what is your greatest success at Hawk?

It’s more of a challenge, which was to carry out the staff elections, the setting up of the 2 Social and Economic Committees, the drafting and negotiation of a collective agreement on working hours and the reworking of the employment contracts so that the Hawkies could benefit from the fixed rate of pay and, above all, the long-awaited compensatory time.

What three adjectives would your team use to describe you?

They say: „Proactive, versatile and attentive“.

Finally, what message would you give to future employees?

Come and join us 😊 We’re a fast-growing company with lots of challenges to take up, all in a healthy and caring working environment with great team cohesion.


If you would like to join the Hawk adventure, please check out all the opportunities available by following this link.

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