Noémie Gherara

Juni 30, 2023

Hawk Meet & Greet: Meet Noémie Gherara, Industry Director at Hawk

Written by Lucie Marand

Each month, meet a new member of our team – this month we speak with Noémie Gherara, Industry Director at Hawk!


Can you quickly introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Noémie, I’m 34 and I’m an Industry Director at Hawk. I look after relations with advertisers in the retail, luxury and FMCG sectors. Before that, I was Senior Sales Manager at Hawk for over two years, managing the OMG, Mediabrands and Repeat portfolio. 


We created the position of Industry Director at Hawk earlier this year, can you tell us more about your role?

My new role has several facets, and that’s what makes it so exciting! 

First of all, it’s a role of evangelisation: I make sure that our customers are well informed about our products, and that they are up to date with our news. 

Secondly, it’s about building customer loyalty, by ensuring that we maintain a relationship of trust with them. 

Last but not least, there’s the strategic aspect: my job is to set up partnerships with advertisers, which is extremely challenging!


What struck you most when you first joined the company?

We were still called Tabmo at the time, and I joined just as we were strengthening our sales team. We were on the way up, and the idea of being part of this adventure was very exciting!

I was also won over by the friendly atmosphere and the team’s ability to pull each other up by their bootstraps.   


What do your days consist of, and what are your day-to-day challenges?

No two days are alike, and that’s what really attracts me to this job. But they’re mainly made up of meetings with customers, over coffee, lunch or via screens. 

I also play the role of internal conductor, which means that I’m in daily contact with the various departments at Hawk: Sales agency teams, Marketing, Customer Success Managers, etc.


In your opinion, what is your greatest success at Hawk?

Achieving an exclusive annual partnership, directly with the advertiser, in just 5 months in the job. It’s a great source of pride for me, and for Hawk’s reputation. 


Outside of work, what gets you up in the morning? 

By necessity: my children! Combining such a demanding full-time job with family life is pretty exhausting, but paradoxically it’s also what gives me the most energy. 


What 3 adjectives would your team use to describe you?

Not an easy question! But I’d say unifying, bold and conscientious. 


Finally, what message would you give to future employees?

Hawk is a constantly evolving company, and you only have to look at our product catalogue to see that: brand lift studies, drive-to-store, gaming… and so much more! We’re the most widely used DSP for digital audio, but we’re also experts in local, DOOH and video solutions.

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