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Juni 30, 2023

Multisensory communication: how can you incorporate it into your digital communication campaigns?

Written by Lucie Marand

It’s possible to stimulate your audience’s senses in digital! 

Advertisers, do you have a beauty product to launch, a cosmetic innovation to promote, or a shop traffic objective? 

In addition to sensorial marketing in your physical shops, have you thought about offering a sensorial experience through your digital communication campaigns? Yes, it’s possible, and you can do it via a number of levers for optimum reach with your audience.


Sensorial marketing to better reach your audiences

Often applied at the point of sale, the concept of sensorial marketing involves influencing consumers‘ buying behaviour by using the five senses: taste, smell, hearing, sight and touch.

However, this marketing technique can also be used digitally, thanks to the diversity of advertising formats available. Digital audio, interactive mobile formats… find out how to orchestrate an omnichannel advertising campaign that appeals your consumers‘ senses.


Branding through multi-sensory communication

There’s no better way of ensuring brand awareness and visibility than to ensure a high level of audience coverage, by combining different levers. We have measured this at Hawk: an omnichannel campaign can generate up to six times more ROI than a single-screen campaign. 

To immerse your audiences in your world and help them discover your products through a sensory experience, it is best to activate omnichannel campaigns, using levers that trigger the different senses: 


  • Hearing through Digital Audio 

Podcasts, web radios, streaming… with online audio accounting for 17 million euros in June 2023 in Germany (+ about 2M since Q1 2020) according to the Agma (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Media-Analyse), Digital Audio is a privileged territory of expression for brands. This lever, which mobilises the sense of hearing, has the advantage of being intimate and still new to audiences. You can broadcast your campaigns on specialist podcasts, for example, to get the best possible context for your audiences. 


  • Touch, through interactive formats

Use interactive mobile formats to engage your audiences and turn your advertising into an experience. You can offer them various ways of interacting with the format: by choosing the product they want to see, by letting them try out the different personalisation options, or by asking them to answer questions to recommend the most suitable product. This last option is possible thanks to our new conversational format.


  • Sight with DOOH

DOOH is the media of choice because of its omnipresence in consumers‘ daily lives (streets, transport, shops, etc.). It is a mass medium par excellence, with unrivalled visibility. And programmatic buying increases the possibilities tenfold for perfect contextualisation and targeting!


Retargeting the exposed group to attract in-store traffic

Have you reached your target audience with your omnichannel, multi-sensory campaign?

If your aim is to attract traffic to your shops, as well as raising awareness, you can orchestrate a second „Drive-to-Store“ phase.

The idea will then be to re-target those exposed in phase 1 in order to direct them to the nearest points of sale.

You can do this using DOOH, but also mobile with a format indicating the distance to the nearest shop, and containing an „I’m going there“ call-to-action. 


mobile beuty


So, are you ready to stimulate your audience’s digital senses? 

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