Since 2013, we have been supporting the success of your media activity

Hawk is a European technology company, partner of the largest international agency groups and world’s largest brands, offering a set of innovative solutions to help advertisers deploy their digital communication in an omnichannel way.


The company was founded in 2013 by two digital advertising experts, Hakim Metmer and Renaud Biet. Since then, Hawk has been offering media agencies and advertisers the distribution of innovative and interactive creative formats, mainly on mobile, through unlimited access to the largest international advertising inventories.

Research & Development

As of 2014, Hawk is focusing on innovation and technology by inaugurating a complete R&D centre, based in Montpellier and made up of over 45 engineers. This initiative allows the company to maintain a real technological independence by developing its own tools, in particular its advertising broadcasting platform.


Just three years after the company’s launch, Hawk opened new offices in the UK and Germany and established a significant European footprint.

Self-Service Platform

Official launch of the Hawk DSP platform, in Self-Service, allowing advertisers and media agencies to autonomously activate all their digital advertising campaigns by combining several screens (TV, mobile and Digital Out-Of-Home).


As of 2019, Hawk offers new unique tools capable of measuring the impact of advertising activity.

The Hawk Survey technology allows brands to measure the impact of their media activity, across multiple audience groups, all digital channels and by looking at a number of different brand indicators.

In Store Impact allows brands to measure and analyse store visits in real time. Its the first technology to allow you to measure incremental and unique store visits in real time, by location and by channel. For the first time marketeers can see which channels their customers have been exposed to, helping to plan for furture activity.

New media

After mobile, DOOH and CTV, Hawk completes the capabilities of its buying platform by offering access to new screens and new digital formats. As of 2020, Digital Audio and In-Game inventories were added in order to provide advertisers and media agencies with a set of 100% omnichannel advertising solutions.

Further internationalisation

In 2022, after Germany and the United Kingdom, Hawk continues its European expansion with the opening of a new office in Belgium.

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