Simplify media planning and activation by using our pre-built, ready to activate strategies

Discover a wide range of packaged solutions to effectively meet all your campaign objectives.

Our experts will help you build your media plan by proposing personalised and innovative advertising formats, capable of addressing your targets on all screens while taking into account your marketing objectives.

Activate your campaigns across the most premium, highest performing media placements, across all digital channels, and across all markets!

Audience Science

Model the audiences that are most important to your brand

Leverage our data and that of our partners to reconstruct all your target audiences.


Increase awareness of your brand and products

Capture the attention of your audiences with high value and highly engaging creative formats.


Maximise brand engagement

Build brand engagement with innovative and interactive advertising formats, built within our own Hawk studio, incorporating the latest creative technologies.


Generate real visits and drive footfall to all of your stores, points of sale or other relevant locations

Drive customers to your different stores of points of sale, either nationwide or by using our hyper local targeting technology.

We measure the metrics that really matter to you!

Media performance

  • Impressions
  • Engagement
  • Visibility
  • Video Completion
  • Brand Safety

Brand Lift

  • Awareness
  • Perception
  • Preference
  • Consideration
  • Intention

Brand Performance

  • In-store visits
  • Incremental visits
  • Uplift rate
  • Time between exposure and visit
  • Distance between exposure and visit

What our customers say about us

“Thanks to Hawk’s tools and teams, we were able to model our client’s audience, tailor the campaign messages to the media used, control our activation framework and measure in real time the impact of the advertising on the targeted points of sale.”

Niels Marinot

Account Director, Agence Trafic

“In order to support the promotion of the latest BOSS Alive, we wanted to reach our affinity audiences and direct them to partner outlets, while measuring our effectiveness. This is precisely what Hawk enabled us to do, combining an engaging format, location-based drive-to-store activation, and impact measurement.”

Delphine Vivien

Digital Manager, Coty

“As part of the promotion of the new smartphone of one of the leading brands on the market, aimed mainly at a B2B audience, Hawk gave us easy, instant and transparent access to a DOOH activation  perfectly adapted to our target, thus ensuring the success of this campaign.”

Stacy Jie Gao

Senior Consultant Media, Carat

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