Februar 10, 2022

Hawk Platform’s in-built survey tool provides advertisers with insight to inform action – and demonstrate ROI

Written by Geoffrey Fossier

Hawk Surveys enables brands to derive granular insight on the effectiveness of their advertising and use this knowledge to inform further activity and demonstrate ROI. It is the latest tool from Hawk Platform.

Free for current users of the Hawk demand side platform (DSP), Hawk Surveys incorporates research studies into advertising campaigns to determine the effect of the campaign on metrics such as brand awareness, brand perception and the intent to make a purchase.  It can be used across different vertical sectors to show changes at all stages of the purchase funnel.

Advertisers can add additional questions to filter the audience (depending on the volume of impressions being run). Responses show the impact of ad activity on different consumer groups and how this compares to competitor brands, they also allow the creation of audience segments in real-time. Incentives are provided via a Hawk Platform donation to the World Wildlife Fund for each study completed.

Hawk Surveys enables advertisers to measure the impact of their activity across mobile, audio, and digital out-of-home (DOOH); comparing the results determines the optimal weighting for each channel in cross-channel campaigns.

Hawk Surveys also complements Hawk’s footfall tracking technology In-Store Impact, which measures incremental store visits in real-time, again across mobile, audio and DOOH. Brands and retailers can optimise marketing spend across multiple channels as a result.

Running a Hawk Survey study in line with In-Store Impact allows advertisers to look at either brand uplift or awareness, as well as a person’s intent to visit a store. Correlating these results with figures for the actual increase in visits to the retail outlet enables brands to assess their overall strategy and adjust it if required.

Building the survey technology into the DSP makes it readily available at no extra cost for all Hawk customers, whether they use the self-serve option or Hawk’s managed service.  The integration also ensures results from the study feed directly into the platform and can be used for campaign optimisation.

Hawk is the most comprehensive platform of its kind available; the team works with brands and agencies to create innovative cross-channel campaigns, with offerings including access to real time cross-channel data, an in-built data marketplace, retargeting tools, sequential messaging, an in-house creative studio and dynamic creatives.  Developed to be cookie-less from day one, the platform uses extensive Device ID data along with other cross channel capabilities to power and implement these strategies.

In 2020 the company launched InStore Impact, the latest version of its advanced footfall tracking technology that enables brands and retailers to optimise marketing spend.  It is the only dashboard to provide insights such as incremental store visits in real time and in-store sales across mobile, audio and DOOH.

Hawk Surveys is the latest tool to be added to the platform’s capabilities.

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