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Dezember 12, 2022

South Tyrol Tourism campaign with Hawk

Written by Lucie Marand

South Tyrol Tourism, through its agency Vivalu, has called on Hawk to deploy a DOOH and mobile campaign in order to reactivate tourism.


Following the Covid-19 pandemic, South Tyrol Tourism strongly needed to promote tourism in their region.

To do so, and through agency Vivalu, they called on Hawk to deploy a cross-device campaign combining digital out-of-home (DOOH) and mobile in all regions of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.

Thanks to Hawk DSP, a local dynamic targeting was implemented: depending on the geo-position of DOOH screens, the video creative displayed the time needed to reach the South Tyrol destination.


The power of mobile retargeting

In order to increase contact frequency and for maximum impact, the campaign also used retargeting on mobile. People within a 50-meters radius of the respective DOOH screens were marked with an in-app impression, and later retargeted in an app environnement, based on their mobile ID.


Kia Zolfaghari, CEO of agency Vivalu, commented „The challenge was to increase both levels of awareness and consideration, in a target-group-specific way, while at the same time not losing reach and attention.

Thanks to Hawk’s innovative and extremely efficient technology, we were able to realize the creative central idea without any loss of reach. The programmatic approach with a focus on data-driven delivery is therefore the ideal route to create perfectly staged, individual user experiences along the customer journey that are sustainable.“


Discover the campaign in video :


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