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September 25, 2023

Hawk integrates with GumGum to increase high-impact ad formats and enhance contextual targeting and attention measurement

Written by Lucie Marand

London; 14 September 2023: Hawk, a leading European player in digital omnichannel communication, has announced a new partnership with next-generation digital advertising platform, GumGum.

The move enables Hawk to offer brands and agencies GumGum’s extensive range of unique high-impact ad formats, designed to engage consumers and play a key role in delivering strong campaign results. It also gives Hawk customers access to high-quality inventory based on GumGum’s scalable brand safety capabilities, as well as its attention performance metrics.  

GumGum’s brand and agency clients can also now enhance their omnichannel campaigns when they access GumGum’s inventory through the Hawk platform. This new route to activation allows clients to run GumGum ad formats for display, mobile and desktop via programmatic and GumGum’s open exchange, and alongside Hawk’s digital out-of-home (DOOH), connected TV (CTV), audio and in-game activity.

GumGum offers attention-grabbing display and video ad formats in brand safe digital environments that optimise effectiveness and customer experience to deliver on an advertiser’s campaign objectives.  Units are designed to span the marketing funnel, from driving brand awareness at the top, to delivering results for direct response campaigns at the bottom. 

Playground xyz, a GumGum company, is an attention measurement pioneer. Its award-winning Attention Intelligence Platform (AIP) combines real eye-tracking data from opt-in panels with AI models trained to enable scalable attention measurement without using personal tracking data. The integration leverages AIP with GumGum’s best-in-class creative solutions to enhance business and campaign outcomes for advertisers.

Hawk allows clients to plan, activate and manage advertising campaigns across mobile, digital audio, digital out-of-home (DOOH), connected TV (CTV) and in-game advertising. Via its creative, data measurement and attribution capabilities, the platform ties together otherwise disparate channels to create fully omnichannel strategies in a cookieless and privacy-first environment. In addition, its proprietary technology delivers media measurement and actionable insights from all channels; these can be deployed by brands and agencies to enhance the effectiveness of future activity.

Pete Wallace, General Manager, EMEA, at GumGum, says:

At GumGum we understand that we don’t need to know who the user is to deliver highly effective advertising. Meeting consumers in the right moments and mindsets without exploiting their personal data is key for the future of digital advertising. Partnering with Hawk enables us to extend this capability to the platform’s extensive network of client brands and agencies.

Shanil Chande, UK and international commercial and partnerships director at Hawk, says:

Hawk has had a creative focus since its inception, understanding full well the intrinsic role visuals play in successful advertising. Adding a whole host of innovative and engaging ad formats to our offerings via this new partnership with GumGum and reinforcing that with access to high-impact ad formats and attention measurement capabilities, enables us to provide buyers with multiple routes to making every campaign work as hard as possible to deliver smart, engaging advertising.”

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