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March 16, 2023

Exclusive Hawk and Captify partnership brings search data to DOOH and audio media buying for the first time

Written by Lucie Marand

London; 15 March 2023: European omnichannel advertising platform Hawk and Captify, the leading Search Intelligence platform for the open web, have announced an exclusive partnership that will enable online search data to be used for digital out-of-home (DOOH) and audio media trading for the first time.

The new collaboration introduces a unique dataset that allows online search behaviour to be integrated into the targeting and measurement capabilities of the traditionally offline channels. Captify already matches consumer intent to display, video and connected TV (CTV) advertising; working with Hawk expands this to a fully omnichannel offering. 

The Captify partnership bolsters Hawk’s existing and proven offering across DOOH and audio, as well as its omnichannel capabilities, and proprietary footfall measurement and brand research attribution tools. Hawk customers can also leverage search-based measurement as an additional service.

The move comes as DOOH and audio are forecast by Warc Media to be the fastest growing channels in 2023, with investment increasing globally by 13.2% and 10.8% respectively. A recent JCDecaux report further proved the need for this partnership. Programmatic DOOH: The Time is Now found that 45% of programmatic DOOH marketers cited better measurement as a key growth driver for the channel, while 36% said better targeting, 32% listed behavioural data and 31% specified the ability to connect online and offline data.

Brands and agencies using Hawk’s platform can now accurately pinpoint the regions in which to focus their DOOH and audio advertising (either standalone or as part of an omnichannel campaign) with Captify data that shows where intent for brands, products and services is surging; this extends reach and frequency across channels. In addition, Captify’s Search Intelligence delivers further, in-depth understanding of consumers who are ready to buy by highlighting connected interests based on their searches. This insight can also uncover previously unknown correlations and identify new audiences, thereby broadening the opportunities for advertising.

Linking search behaviour with out-of-home screens is well-placed to drive strong results; The Point of Search, a new study undertaken by Clear Channel UK, Global, JCDecaux and Posterscope found that searches conducted while people were away from home locations were 38% more likely to result in a purchase than when a search took place at home.

Hawk’s measurement capabilities allow the effectiveness of a campaign to be quantified by comparing the organic search behaviour of people within exposed areas of a DOOH and / or audio ad with that of a control (non-exposed) group in the geographic areas where the ads are running; share of search in relation to competitors can also be determined.

Dan Reed, head of trading and platform sales at Hawk UK says: “Working with Captify, the largest holder of onsite search intent, provides Hawk clients with a brand-new dataset for DOOH and audio advertising that is not available on these channels anywhere else. Combining this with Hawk’s omnichannel reach and in-built measurement tools puts a stake in the ground for the future of advertising as brands look to streamline their activities with effective campaigns that deliver tangible results and quantifiable ROI.”

Amelia Waddington, SVP of product at Captify, says: “Hawk offers unrivalled scale across DOOH and audio channels throughout Europe. Powering this high impact inventory with Captify Search Intelligence enables a compelling cycle: understanding intent behaviour fuels the targeting and delivery of an ad, the ad drives awareness, consideration and search behaviour, which can then be measured so that the effectiveness of a campaign can be determined, with that insight fed back and optimisations made as required.”

Dom Kozak, head of programmatic at JCDecaux UK, says: “This is the first time that online search data has been available for DOOH, making the Hawk and Captify integration a major step for the whole industry. It brings a new dimension to the OOH market that, by linking in audience targeting and campaign measurement, will drive it forward and enable it to deliver ever more effective and accountable advertising.”

Hawk works with a wide range of supply and data partners, including Captify.

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