Meet greet Damien Maréchal

September 5, 2023

Hawk Meet & Greet: Meet Damien Maréchal, Agency Team Lead at Hawk

Written by Lucie Marand

Hawk Meet & Greet is a series of interviews that immerse you in the dynamic daily lives of the company’s employees. 


Hello Damien! Can you quickly introduce yourself?

My name is Damien Maréchal and I’m an Agency Team Lead.

I joined Hawk at the beginning of 2020 and decided to go 100% digital after more than 6 years with the Altice Media Publicité group in the advertiser division.


What exactly is your position and role at Hawk?

As Agency Team Lead, my role is to guarantee the business activity of all the independent agencies for the French market. This involves both the development of new agencies (media, communications, consultancy, etc.) and the development of turnover with our existing partner agencies.


What struck you most when you joined the venture?

I arrived at a time when the digital audio market was beginning to grow strongly. At the time TabMo (which became Hawk in 2021) was one of the forerunners in this market. As a fan of radio (linear and digital) and coming from this medium myself, I was surprised by the KPIs that could be activated on this lever (ultra-precise geolocation, LTR, CTR, data targeting, drive-to-store). These are KPIs that are still difficult to track in linear advertising.


What do your days consist of and what are your day-to-day challenges?

On a day-to-day basis, my role is to be present with our clients in order to help them implement their media strategies and also to monitor the successful implementation of campaigns with all the different teams at Hawk (Marketing, Publisher and Adops).

The development of new agencies is also one of the division’s major challenges.


In your opinion, what is your greatest success at Hawk?

Firstly, to have succeeded in relaunching our presence on the Belgian market in 2021/2022, which has resulted in the opening of an office in Brussels. And secondly, to have secured our business with independent agencies & TDs in France.


What is your passion?

As I said earlier, I’m a big fan of audio. These days we’re asked to do a lot of things visually, and I find that the digital audio format gives us access to dynamic formats while still being able to do something else at the same time! My top 3 from last summer: After Foot (a classic for football fans), La Traque by BaBabam (a great crime story), Habitude (for fashion fans).


What 3 adjectives would your team use to describe you?

I’d say pragmatic, calm and authentic.


Finally, what message would you give to future employees?

If you don’t like the monochannel approach and you want to contribute to the digitisation of off-media on the French market, Hawk is the place for you!

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