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May 15, 2024

Hawk Meet & Greet: Meet Benjamin Pascaud, Head of Studio at Hawk (Azerion)

Written by Lucie Marand

Hawk Meet & Greet is a series of interviews that immerse you in the dynamic daily lives of the company’s employees. Each month, discover a new person through a unique and immersive testimonial.


Can you quickly introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Benjamin, I’m 38 and I’ve been with Hawk for 3 years.

My passion for interactivity and creation led me to study Video Games and Animation.

After my studies, I went into the web, specialising in interactive video and institutional and advertising motion design. I then entered the world of digital advertising 10 years ago. On top of that, I’m the father of two little boys, so I’m always very busy, both at work and at home!


What exactly is your position and role at Hawk?

As Head of Studio, my role is to supervise the creative team on all operational matters, and to assist our Head of Design on other matters. In a way, I’m the link between the sales team and the creative team. I ensure the quality of the formats produced for each campaign, as well as meeting the needs and expectations of the agencies and advertisers who call on our services. I also try to ensure that the creative team is as responsive as possible to requests from other teams within the company, while avoiding crunches.


What struck you most when you first joined the adventure?

I’m a fairly discreet person, so it’s really nice to feel at home straight away.

I think the thing that struck me most when I arrived at Hawk was the pleasure everyone had in coming to work in the morning. Everyone has the same desire to do well and the motivation to make the company shine.


What do your days consist of and what are your day-to-day challenges?

The days rarely go as planned when you arrive in the morning. Overall, they are made up of taking briefs, discussions with the sales team, production monitoring (reviews/support) from the creative team, and a lot of campaign production. No time to get bored 🙂


In your opinion, what is your greatest success at Hawk?

I’m very proud of the fact that everyone is aware of the great work the Studio does.

In 3 years I’ve managed to prove myself, and prove that it’s possible to run a creative studio in a spirit of goodwill, mutual support and a desire to excel, while respecting everyone’s working hours. I still have a lot to learn, but these are very important points in my management style 😊


What 3 adjectives would your team use to describe you?

Reactive, passionate and a good listener.


Finally, what are your passions?
Pop culture, video games, racquet and car sports, good food, and of course… the difference.

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