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January 12, 2023

Hawk Meet & Greet: Meet Oumaima Limam, Marketing & Communication Coordinator

Written by Lucie Marand

Hawk Meet & Greet is a series of interviews that immerse you in the dynamic daily life of the company’s employees. Each month, discover a new person through a unique and immersive testimony. Meet Oumaima, Marketing & Communication Coordinator at Hawk.


Can you quickly introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is Oumaima, I am 25 years old. Following my master’s degree in International Business at Skema, I had a first experience in Marketing in a Market Research company, before joining Hawk in May 2022 as Marketing and Communication Coordinator.


What is your position and role at Hawk specifically?

My role as Marketing and Communication Coordinator is to be in constant contact with the Sales directors and Managing directors of the different offices we have in Europe, in order to share with them the marketing and communication strategy but also to collect their specific needs. My tasks also include adapting and translating all the marketing content created by the French marketing team to provide the countries with all the marketing material they need to prepare their events, communications and clients meetings.


What was the most sticking thing about your arrival in the adventure?

What struck me the most on my arrival was the teams benevolence. Coming from a completely different environment than advertising and digital, I thought it would be complicated and challenging to fit in. But to my great surprise, I was immediately very well received and felt at home. I come to work every day with pleasure knowing in advance that I will have a good day and share good moments with my colleagues.


What your days consists of and what are your daily challenges?

To be honest, every day is different, every day we must respond to the different demands of the countries because the markets are very different and therefore the expectations are different. But it is a real pleasure to be able to daily accompany them because it also allows me to have this international vision which I was really looking for and allows me to learn on a daily basis about the different markets in which we are based and their working cultures.


In your opinion, what is your greatest success at Hawk?

My greatest success at Hawk is a project that will soon be launched, the Hawk Academy, which aim to train our partners and clients in the use of our proprietary tool. It is a project on which we have worked very hard with Luci, and I would like to thank you for that, because without you this project would certainly not have seen the light of day.


What 3 adjectives would your team use to describe you?

Extroverted, Helpful and Rigorous, I cheated a bit, I asked them 😉


Finally, what message would you give to future employees?

Don’t be afraid of change, especially when you know that at Hawk it is not just a job you get, but also a family where everyone’s voice is taken into consideration regardless of their position and background.

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