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May 29, 2023

3 reasons to integrate programmatic DOOH into your omnichannel strategy

Written by Lucie Marand

Programmatic advertising has revolutionised the way advertising campaigns are designed and delivered. Gone are the advertising spots broadcast on billboards, TV and displays, with a single message and no contextualisation or adaptation to the medium.

In 2023, advertising strategies will be more omnichannel than ever, reaching audiences in the right place, at the right time, with the right message, on the screen best suited to the moment. In short, it’s about telling a story across the various points of contact with consumers, making intelligent use of data and adapting creative assets. And at the heart of this strategy is programmatic DOOH. 

Programmatic DOOH combines the power of DOOH with the targeting, contextualisation and immediacy offered by programmatic buying. 

Let’s look at the three main reasons for integrating programmatic DOOH into your omnichannel strategy. 


#1 Benefit from the power of DOOH and go even further

Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) is an advertising medium of choice because of its presence in consumers’ daily lives. With screens in the street, on public transport, in local shops and shopping centres, as well as in sports halls, cinemas and brasseries, the DOOH network makes it a mass medium par excellence. Statista’s forecasts for the next few years show the extent to which DOOH growth is set to continue unabated. 

Using programmatic buying for this mass medium means going much further than its powerful reach. The principle of pDOOH is to buy DOOH using an auction logic, via SSPs (Broadsign, Hivestack, VIOOH, etc.) and DSPs (Hawk is an omnichannel DSP). This method of buying allows buyers to purchase impressions in real time, based on targeting criteria. Programmatic buying thus increases tenfold the possibilities offered by DOOH.


#2 Game-changing targeting and contextualisation

Mass media with precise targeting – is possible! The aim of programmatic buying is to offer the right advertising at the right time, in the right context, and in the right place for the target audience. For example, advertising for sports equipment on screens around stadiums during sporting events, or invitations to visit nearby car dealerships during open days.

Programmatic DOOH offers countless possibilities for contextualised activation. Thanks to DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimisation), it is possible to adapt advertising to certain conditions, such as the weather, the results of a sporting event, and many others.

This is what advertiser Oatly did last June in Berlin for the launch of its plant-based ice cream. The brand integrated programmatic DOOH into its omnichannel strategy, and the combination of geographic targeting and pDOOH DCO was a resounding success. 


Oatly pDOOH

A campaign for the Oatly brand, supported by areasolutions, PHD Media, via SSP VIOOH, DOOH specialist WallDecaux and DSP Hawk.


Oatly used geotargeting to determine wind speed, humidity and pollen levels in real time in selected locations, and then used these as triggers to display specific creatives. Add to this 5 flavours of ice cream, and 12 different text modules, and the brand was able to display no less than 100 unique advertising creatives on 136 screens in a two-weeks period! 

A third major benefit for brands and media agencies is the ability to measure and optimise performance offered by programmatic advertising.


#3 Programmatic advertising makes it easier to measure the effectiveness of DOOH

While measuring the effectiveness of DOOH used to be complicated for advertisers, it is now possible in real time thanks to programmatic buying. More than just the way in which campaigns are designed and delivered, programmatic buying has also revolutionised the way in which performance is measured and optimised. 

In addition to traditional KPIs, it is possible to measure the impact of DOOH on the entire funnel. The advantage of this medium is its versatility in serving both branding and drive-to-store objectives. We can therefore measure the impact in terms of Brand Lift, but also at the bottom of the funnel on the KPIs of in-store visits and sales at the checkout. 

By integrating programmatic DOOH into your omnichannel strategy, you can be sure of reaching your audiences effectively and efficiently, while being able to measure the impact and contribution of this medium to your overall strategy. 

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