May 6, 2024

Drive your audience in: 3 advertising ideas to attract customers to dealerships

Written by Lucie Marand

Attracting customers and prospects in dealerships is a key issue for brands to present their new products and maximise their sales. But in this highly competitive automotive industry, how do you generate a maximum number of visits?

We have identified 3 examples of complementary activations to make your brand stand out and generate traffic.

Enjoy your reading!


#1 Use digital audio to promote your operations

According to Statista, ad spending in the Digital Audio Advertising market in the UK is forecasted to reach US$274.00m in 2024. The strength of digital audio is that it can reach active listeners in any environment, on any format, and throughout the day.

Distinguish yourself and communicate on your dealerships thanks to the power of audio, within various universes: the most popular web radios, the most used streaming platforms, or even the most affinitive podcasts. There are indeed podcasts specialising in the automotive sector, and targeting them will allow you to contextualise your message perfectly.


#2 Activate DOOH in strategic locations

In addition to audio, digital out-of-home advertising is a particularly interesting lever for working on consideration. As the medium of choice for reaching a very large audience, both indoors and outdoors, digital signage combined with digital audio and mobile display will be considerably effective in maximising the reach of your message.

We advise you to select and activate the most strategic DOOH screens, positioned in the most affinitive locations around your dealerships, in order to capture the attention of your audiences and develop visit intent!


#3 Ensure visits through engaging features

Finally, there’s nothing like engaging formats to ensure Drive-to-Store. Invite your audience into the concession through mobile display formats with adapted functionalities: 

  • An “Add to Calendar” function allowing your prospects to add a reminder to their personal calendar, and avoid them missing the opportunity to visit you
  • A GPStore function with a call-to-action, e.g. “I’m going there”, to easily guide your audience to your nearest dealership!
  • A “Car Configurator” feature, to help your audience preview your models and customisation options before they visit


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