EURO 2024

April 11, 2024

Euro 2024: what opportunities for advertisers?

Written by Lucie Marand

UEFA EURO 2024 kicks off in Munich on Friday 14 June and ends in Berlin a month later. A unique, unifying sporting event that will, as always, attract the attention of thousands of television viewers, as well as unprecedented numbers of spectators in the host country, Germany this year.

A unique communication opportunity for brands, both in terms of visibility and brand image.

So, what campaign(s) should you put in place? How do you address and capture the attention of audiences during the championship? And how can you use omnichannel marketing to increase the impact of your campaign tenfold?

In this article, you will find our recommendations for advertising activations to be implemented without delay for Euro 2024.


Use DCO to plan your campaign around the highlights of the competition

To deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time, there’s nothing like using DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) technology.

Automatically adapt your advertising creatives in real time to ensure unrivalled personalisation and relevance. Available on a multitude of media and formats (display, video, desktop, tablet, mobile screens, DOOH and audio), DCO will enable you to personalise your messages before, during and after the competition according to the latest news.

In the run-up to the matches, for example, you can kick-start communication by using countdowns, and then communicate according to the scores, goals and winners… an excellent way of arousing the interest of your audiences and building a closer relationship!

In addition to creative personalisation, it’s vital to adapt your campaigns to the different screens in order to increase your impact tenfold.


Boost your impact with omnichannel campaigns

As the points of contact with consumers have multiplied with digital, it is important for advertisers to activate several levers within a single advertising campaign. We have measured this at Hawk: an omnichannel campaign can generate up to six times more ROI than a single-screen campaign!

To maximise the reach of your campaigns and multiply your impact at EURO 2024, it can be particularly interesting to diffuse your omnichannel campaigns in a scripted way according to screens and targeting.


EURO 2024

Generic example of an omnichannel campaign including DOOH, Display VOL and Digital Audio. Personalisation can be taken much further thanks to the DCO mentioned above.


Alongside a national awareness campaign, it is also possible to orchestrate local campaigns:

  • Target screens in the arrivals area of airports and stations to capture the attention of fans as soon as they arrive on the championship territory.
  • Target screens strategically positioned around the competition zones and/or fan zones, to ensure continuous and relevant visibility throughout the championship.
  • Use retargeting mechanisms between screens: for example, identify audiences exposed to DOOH screens and retarget this audience pool via their mobile devices, based on device IDs and integrating data segments.

Finally, take advantage of this event to position your brand at the heart of ultra-compatible & premium environments, by selecting the most affinity media environments and sports programmes.

Whatever your objective as an advertiser, from raising awareness to generating in-store visits, EURO 2024 represents a unique communication opportunity, and there’s no shortage of ideas for making the most of this event with high-performance advertising campaigns!

For more inspiration or to discuss personalised recommendations, please contact Hawk’s teams.

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