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August 9, 2022

The new creative challenges for brands to address their audiences

Written by Geoffrey Fossier

Market saturation is an issue that many brands have to face on a daily basis. It is now a question of being able to emerge effectively and then to be able to start a dialogue of trust with its various communities of consumers. At the same time, these same consumers have largely evolved their beliefs and expectations of brands. In a post-Covid era, audiences expect brands to share their values, to be more responsible and to communicate intelligently. All these challenges for brands have a direct impact on advertising creativity. Let’s have a look at the new creative challenges for brands to address their audiences:

Proposing new interaction mechanisms

Historically associated with clicks, the notion of engagement is undergoing a revolution and entering a new creative era. It is now a question of reenchanting the advertising experience and offering Internet users new ways to interact with brands and their messages.

Alongside these expectations, the adoption of increasingly sophisticated and powerful devices, as well as new technical and technological possibilities, allow creative people to imagine new ways to create a link with customers and prospects.

The gyroscope, for example, allows designers and others to enhance advertising engagement. In the context of a video campaign, its activation allows to accentuate the engagement with the user and to extend his immersion in the brand’s universe.

Propelled by the different social networks, the “Swipe” also allows to imagine new visual scenarios and favors the attention of the users. Integrating it within an advertising format allows the brand to multiply the number of contents to be exposed and to reinforce its useful exposure time.

Combining objectives to gain efficiency

Another trend, and in a context of investment rationalization, brands tend more and more to combine several objectives within the same activation. For a VOL format, for example, it will be a question of maximizing the visibility and the completion of the campaign while developing its interaction.

To meet this expectation, one of the creative solutions consists in integrating complementary interactive elements within the format, thus offering the Internet user the possibility to interact with the brand and the format. In concrete terms, this can take the form of a product carousel, a video selector or a simple image slideshow.

These additions generate more interaction and also reinforce brand indicators such as recall, consideration or purchase intent.

Emerging quickly becomes necessary

Another new creative challenge for brands to address their audiences is to quickly capture attention.

According to a recent Eye Square study, more than 62% of Internet users no longer pay attention to the displayed ad after barely 3 seconds of exposure, whether it is a classic display or video format. For brands, the challenge is to capture the attention of their audience in this (very) short time.

To do this, it becomes essential to maximize the exposure of its brand elements from the beginning of the display ad. In the case of a VOL format, for example, it is now possible to enhance the video with an additional skin to immediately highlight the brand’s visual identity, its slogan or any other relevant element that will immediately identify the brand.

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