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January 19, 2022

Discover our tips for measuring your advertising effectiveness

Written by Geoffrey Fossier

Since the Covid-19 pandemic and the associated health and economic crises, advertisers have sought to further justify their advertising investments. This is reflected in particular by the need to quantify the effectiveness of media on tangible ROI, be that upper or lower funnel activity.

If you want to integrate impact measurement into your advertising campaigns, find out below our recommendations and advice to follow in order to truly and precisely quantify the effectiveness of your digital activations.

1 | Identify your measurement goal

To begin with, it is essential to clearly define what you want to measure. As part of an awareness campaign, it will be quite relevant to quantify the impact of your advertising campaign on brand metrics, such as awareness, perception, consideration or even understanding. In the case of a campaign oriented around mid & lower Funnel objectives, it will be more appropriate to develop your analysis around purchase intent or to measure more precisely the generation of online traffic, leads, sales or footfall to store.

2 | Adapt the study to your audience and personalise your approach

Once the measurement objective has been defined, it is necessary to carefully consider its target; and in particular its characteristics, in the construction of your measurement framework. Profiles of young people 18-24, women with a strong affinity with sport, or even men with the intention of buying a car … these different audiences will react differently when surveyed. Indeed, in the context of the construction and distribution of post-test type questionnaires, it will be necessary to adapt your script (tone, visuals, etc.) in order to generate interest and maximise your insights.

3 | Measure ad attribution from omnichannel campaigns

Faced with changes in audience behaviour, brands tend to apply more and more omnichannel communication strategies, in particular by combining several channels as part of their advertising activation. Digital, Audio, Out-Of-Home, or even TV, it’s now more important than ever to precisely measure the contribution of each medium in achieving the objectives of a marketing campaign. What is the real benefit of the association between Digital Audio and Digital Out-Of-Home on my brand indicators? How does my digital activation (desktop and mobile) contribute to the incremental visits recorded in stores?

In addition, and faced with the recent digitisation of certain media, new questions also naturally arise as to the efficiency gain generated. For example, what is the contribution of Digital Audio compared to traditional radio?

These are all questions to which impact measurement can provide precise and reliable answers.

4 | Promote short processing times

In order to be able to react quickly, preference should be given to measurement products that benefit from the best ratio between efficiency, reliability and speed of execution. Indeed, quickly obtaining the results of an impact measurement can help you make the right decisions in record time and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly, without altering the objectives of your next communication campaign.

5 | Focus on actionable insights

Beyond the quantitative results obtained, the question is also to know to what extent the insight will be activated, that is to say that it will really open up a decision-making process, or an immediate action. To do this, it is necessary to choose the partner who will support you in analysing your results and who will be able to perfectly help you to adapt your strategies in order to better meet your ambitions. How to better address my affinity target? How can I optimise my recall score? How do I develop an understanding of my new product? These are all questions that your partner will need to answer so that you can take full advantage of your insights.

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