FIFA World Cup 2022

September 19, 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022: What opportunities for advertisers?

Written by Lucie Marand

The end of the year is usually a key communication period for advertisers, with communication campaigns around Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. The end of the year 2022 will be no exception to the rule and will even be unprecedented, with a World Cup held in the middle of the winter season! 

The 2022 Football World Cup is fast approaching (D-62), and it’s time for advertisers to organise their communication campaigns. 


A must-see event to capture audiences

Contested because it was held in Qatar and the impact it has had, this edition will nevertheless remain a must-see event for millions of viewers around the world. 

The 2018 World Cup held in Russia, for example, was watched by more than 3.5 billion people, i.e. more than half the planet! [FIFA figure includes viewing on television – at home or elsewhere – or on digital platforms]. The final alone attracted more than one billion viewers. 

This global sporting event represents an unmissable opportunity for brands to capture their audiences. In France, for example, TF1 will devote no less than 16 consecutive prime time evenings to broadcasting the competition’s matches. In the UK, the coverage of the competition will be splitted between the BBC and ITV. Replay, which is becoming increasingly important in viewing habits, also represents an interesting opportunity for brands. 

Beyond the numerous communication opportunities offered to advertisers on the occasion of this World Cup, it is above all the quality of the attention and the emotion generated around this event that make it a communication highlight not to be missed. 


An ideal context in terms of attention and emotion

A major sporting event such as the Football World Cup generates excitement and collective enthusiasm, making it an ideal context for the broadcast of advertising campaigns. 

Spencer Nolan, Managing Director of Nielsen Sports UK and Middle East, said “The FIFA World Cup™ historically has been the most anticipated sporting event globally, and the 2022 edition adds up to the thrill of the pinnacle of international football returning back to full stadiums, now in a unique destination. It will become an unrivalled space for brands to have access to an engaged audience.”

Indeed, according to an Ifop study conducted in France with Imediacenter in April 2022, 42% of respondents will watch the competition with their family, and 40% with friends. The home will be the favourite place to watch (97% of responses), followed by bars and restaurants. In these familiar and positive environments, audiences are more receptive to brand statements and in a context of optimal attention. The perfect opportunity to deliver messages before, during and after matches. 


Personalise with DCO

The scope of this event and the enthusiasm of the audiences make it an ideal opportunity for advertisers to adapt their messages and advertising creations to better reach their targets. 

To do this, there is nothing better than DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimisation), which was developed several years ago and is still underused. 

DCO allows advertising creatives to be adapted automatically in real time, ensuring unparalleled personalisation and relevance. Available on a multitude of formats and media (display, video, audio, mobile screens, desktop, tablets and DOOH), DCO makes it possible, for example, in the context of this World Cup, to broadcast advertisements that are automatically adapted according to the match of the day, the results of a match… an excellent way of arousing the interest of audiences! 

DCO lends itself particularly well to advertisers in certain sectors. For example, advertisers of alcohol or delivery services can easily adapt their messages around the sports competition. 


Example of a DOOH campaign that could be carried out for a shopping delivery service, using DCO to change the message according to the matches and results of the competition 


Whatever the objective of advertisers, from brand emergence to generating in-store visits, there is no shortage of ideas for leveraging the 2022 World Cup with effective advertising campaigns. 

Activating DOOH inventories around the match venues to reach consumers around strategic locations, engaging audiences with a high degree of interaction through formats incorporating interactive mini-games… 

For more inspirations and recommendations for your next campaigns, do not hesitate to contact the Hawk teams! 


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