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drive to store

3 reasons for retailers to go for drive-to-store right now

Now that people are active in the city centres again, retailers can attract many new customers to their stores. Modern drive-to-store strategies offer a variety of solutions to advertise efficiently and with little dispersion effects using the latest technologies. ...
Oatly pDOOH

3 reasons to integrate programmatic DOOH into your omnichannel strategy

Programmatic advertising has revolutionised the way advertising campaigns are designed and delivered. Gone are the advertising spots broadcast on billboards, TV and displays, with a single message and no contextualisation or adaptation to the medium. In 2023,...

Today’s naturally omni-channel world needs advertising to match

We live in an omni-channel world. This has been a natural evolution, and thanks to the ongoing progress of digital technology, it is now seamless – people automatically switch between different screens and are exposed to digital ads throughout their day-to-day...
Captify partnership

Exklusive Partnerschaft: Hawk und Captify kooperieren im Bereich der Nutzung von Suchdaten bei Digital Audio und DOOH

Köln, 15. März 2023. Die Media- und Insights-Plattform Hawk, ein führender europäischer Anbieter  für digitale Omnichannel-Kommunikation, hat eine exklusive und strategische Partnerschaft mit Captify auf internationaler Ebene geschlossen. Captify ist die führende...
Carboncut visual

Hawk startet Dekarbonisierungsprogramm mit dem Ziel, Werbekunden und Agenturen bei ihrer Strategie zu unterstützen, ihre CO2-Emissionen zu reduzieren

Köln, 28. Februar 2023. Die Media- und Insights-Plattform Hawk, einer der führenden europäischen Omnichannel-Marketing-Anbieter, launcht sein neues „Carboncut Programm“. Dieses richtet sich an Mediaagenturen und Werbetreibende und unterstützt die CO2-Reduktion im Zuge...
communiqué Hivestack

Hawk erweitert sein programmatisches DOOH-Angebot durch eine globale Vereinbarung mit Hivestack

Die Media- und Insights-Plattform Hawk, ein führender europäischer Akteur in der digitalen Omnichannel-Kommunikation, hat eine strategische internationale Partnerschaft mit Hivestack, der globale und unabhängige Technologieanbieter im Bereich programmatic Digital...
Vivalu DE

South Tyrol Tourism campaign with Hawk

South Tyrol Tourism, through its agency Vivalu, has called on Hawk to deploy a DOOH and mobile campaign in order to reactivate tourism.   Following the Covid-19 pandemic, South Tyrol Tourism strongly needed to promote tourism in their region. To do so, and...
Meet & Greet Amandine

Hawk Meet & Greet: Meet Amandine Ferragut, Client Accountant

Hawk Meet & Greet is a series of interviews that immerse you in the dynamic daily life of the company’s employees. Each month, discover a new person through a unique and immersive testimony. Meet Amandine, Client Accountant at Hawk.   Can you quickly...
CP Doubleverify

DoubleVerify’s privacy-safe pre-bid solutions now available to Hawk users

We’re pleased to announce  the launch of DoubleVerify Custom Contextual on Hawk.   DoubleVerify's MRC-accredited Custom Contextual provides advertisers a scalable solution to reach audiences, in contextually relevant environments, at the right time – driving...
Opinion column Oliver

Omnichannel Screen Activation outside the Walled Garden: the key to advertising success

The advertising landscape is globally composed of two universes that are often contrasted. On the one hand, the Walled Garden, which includes the digital ecosystems owned by the GAFAMs, with controlled access and whose ad activation is usually limited to the operation...
Hawk baut sein Team in Deutschland aus

Hawk baut sein Team in Deutschland aus

Hawk, die führende europäische Omnichannel-Plattform, erweitert ihr Team in Deutschland um zwei neue Mitarbeiter und baut damit ihre Präsenz im europäischen Raum weiter aus. André Kolesnikov kommt zum Adtech-Anbieter als Senior Ad Operations Manager und Melih Sezer...

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Oatly launches successful programmatic DOOH campaign

Oatly launches successful programmatic DOOH campaign

In June 2022, Oatly, the world's largest manufacturer of oat-based drinks, launched a new plant-based ice cream. To promote its new product during summer, the company decided to integrate programmatic DOOH as part of its omnichannel campaign. We take a look at this...

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FIFA World Cup 2022: What opportunities for advertisers?

FIFA World Cup 2022: What opportunities for advertisers?

The end of the year is usually a key communication period for advertisers, with communication campaigns around Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. The end of the year 2022 will be no exception to the rule and will even be unprecedented, with a World Cup held in...

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Why is digital audio so attractive to advertisers?

Why is digital audio so attractive to advertisers?

The successive confinements linked to the Covid-19 pandemic have largely affected our consumption habits. The impact has been considerable, both on our purchasing preferences and on our media consumption habits. Indeed, during the first weeks of the pandemic, the...

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