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Audience planning

Why audience planning has become essential for your digital advertising campaigns

Have you ever heard of audience planning without really understanding what it involves? Audience profiling, audience planning, media planning: do you need help navigating all digital advertising terms? Then this article is made for you! We take a look at audience...
identifiant mobile

How the mobile advertising ID reconnects your audiences across all screens

This unique identifier, particularly interesting at the dawn of a Cookieless era, has become the basis for reconciling audiences across the new media.   The mobile advertising ID: origin and functioning The mobile ad ID, also known as Device ID, IDFA or IFA, is a...
JPO automobiles

3 advertising ideas to attract your audience to dealerships

Attracting customers and prospects in dealerships is a key issue for brands to present their new products and maximise their sales. But in this highly competitive automotive industry, how do you generate a maximum number of visits? We have identified 3 examples of...
Hawk x Samba TV PR

Hawk, ein Unternehmen von Azerion, startet strategische Partnerschaft mit Samba TV und führt neue Omnichannel-Targeting-Lösung in drei europäischen Märkten ein

Köln, 23. November 2023 Hawk, ein führender europäischer Anbieter von digitaler Omnichannel-Werbung, der kürzlich von Azerion übernommen wurde, gibt die strategische Partnerschaft mit Samba TV bekannt, dem führenden Anbieter von TV-Technologie für Audience-Daten und...
meet greet shanil

Hawk Meet Greet: Meet Shanil Chande, Commercial and Partnerships Director, UK and international

Each month, meet a new member of our team – this month we speak with Shanil Chande, Commercial & Partnerships Director, UK and international at Hawk (Azerion)!   Hi! Can you quickly introduce yourself? Sure thing! I’m Shanil, Commercial & Partnerships...
Visuel JO 2024

Paris 2024 Olympic Games: what opportunities for advertisers?

A world-renowned sporting event, the Olympic Games attract the attention of millions of television viewers every year, as well as unprecedented numbers of tourists in the selected country. A unique communications opportunity for brands, both in terms of visibility and...
Hawk breakfast pDOOH

Programmatic DOOH: the experience of market experts

An essential pillar of the advertising landscape, digital out-of-home (DOOH) has grown steadily over the last ten years, and the opportunities offered by this lever have been further enhanced by the development of programmatic buying. But while pDOOH now offers...
shortcut DSP omnicanal

5 reasons to choose an omnichannel DSP in 2023

If you're familiar with advertising, you've probably heard the term DSP that stands for Demand Side Platform. A DSP is a technological platform that enables agencies and advertisers to activate and optimise their digital advertising campaigns. While consumer habits...
Hawk Azerion

Azerion acquires Hawk and consolidates its position in the digital advertising market

Amsterdam, 16th October 2023 – Azerion announces today the completed acquisition of Hawk, a French-based digital advertising technology platform with offices also in the UK and Germany. Together, the companies will provide advertisers and agencies with easy access to...
communication multisensorielle

Multisensory communication: how can you incorporate it into your digital communication campaigns?

It's possible to stimulate your audience's senses in digital!  Advertisers, do you have a beauty product to launch, a cosmetic innovation to promote, or a shop traffic objective?  In addition to sensorial marketing in your physical shops, have you thought about...
3 reasons for retailers to go for drive-to-store right now

3 reasons for retailers to go for drive-to-store right now

Now that people are active in the city centres again, retailers can attract many new customers to their stores. Modern drive-to-store strategies offer a variety of solutions to advertise efficiently and with little dispersion effects using the latest technologies. ...

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South Tyrol Tourism campaign with Hawk

South Tyrol Tourism campaign with Hawk

South Tyrol Tourism, through its agency Vivalu, has called on Hawk to deploy a DOOH and mobile campaign in order to reactivate tourism.   Following the Covid-19 pandemic, South Tyrol Tourism strongly needed to promote tourism in their region. To do so, and...

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